Our process is a tried and true method that involves meticulous preparation and installation.

Every step we take in our application is designed to create lasting bonds, both mechanically and chemically, to ensure our customers receive the best quality and longest durability possible. All our surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and masked off to provide pristine working conditions and eliminate any materials or debris from contaminating the surfaces being transformed. All surfaces must then receive a process to create a proper mechanical bond, that could either involve thorough sanding or chemically etching. A mechanical bond must always be achieved to create proper adhesion. Once we create a surface willing to accept coatings, we provide all our surfaces with a chemical adhesion promoter to ensure we create a chemical bond between coating and surface. Once the preparation process has been completed, we can then proceed with the application of the best coatings available in this industry.

Years Experience

Resurfacing techs with more than 20yrs experience in the resurfacing industry. All our techs have been professionally trained and certified through a distribution company that sells industrial coatings to over 1500 companies nationwide.

As members of the Professional Bathtub Refinishers Association (PBRA) we know that through our fellow members nationwide, we use the best products in the marketplace.

That in conjunction with our professionally trained staff allows us to give customers peace of mind knowing our products will give them lasting results. Because we are so sure of our professional method, we feel comfortable giving a 3yr warranty on all our installations.

Why resurface? A simple search of any one of our services will lead you to scream “resurfacing” over replacing. A standard tub averages around $3,000 to replace and will leave you without a place to shower for possibly weeks. Kitchen cabinets could easily range in the tens of thousands of dollars to replace and once again could leave you without a kitchen for weeks and hopefully your counters or fixtures don’t get destroyed in the process. And speaking of counters, the average price of natural stone or quartz will cost almost as much as buying a new vehicle. When it comes to giving your kitchen, bath or floors a new look you could literally save tens of thousands of dollars by simply resurfacing. Why replace when we can give you a new factory look.



On our Installations.

Sonny Pacheco, Owner of SSP Resurfacing


SSP Resurfacing is a small, family-owned local business specializing in tub & countertop refinishing in Corpus Christi and San Antonio, TX Areas.

Sonny Pacheco started the small business in 2017 getting apartments turned over for new renters. He noticed that apartment managers had to hire multiple companies to do different jobs to complete the apartment turnaround. He got certified for tub & countertop refinishing in San Antonio and was able to provide all services needed to complete the turnaround process. Sonny and his team are now wanting to expand their refinishing services to residential and commercial properties.

Sonny is married to his wife Sammi. They have 3 daughters: Skylar, Scarlett, and Savannah. We look forward to meeting you and answering any questions that you may have. Call us for a quote!


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